About me

Hey, I'm Alex! Let me introduce myself in a couple words: I'm a passionate software engineer living in Ghent. Let me also tell you a secret: one of my geatest ambitions is to share my passion with the world.
My passsion and therefor also my journey into software engineering started a long, long time ago. It all started around the time I was 14 years old, which is when we started using a calculator with coding capabilities (a Texas Instrument). Not long after I got mine, during one of my "I'm bored, let's try something new!" moments, I tried coding on that thing. As you can guess, I was fascinated by it! It didn't take me more than 3 month to move to development on a pc.

Around the age of 17, after years of experimenting and self study, I had to decide what to study in college/university. I was still bitten and therefor studied 4 years Industrial Engineering Informatics followed by 2 years of Civil Engineering Computer Science. After my studies I obviously went working in a IT company. I also wanted to share my passion with others, which is the reason why I teach other people different (IT related) subjets, why I have a blog and why I am a speaker on different talks.

Altough software development is my passion, I have other hobbies as well. One of those hobbies is doing sports (running and swimming), something I do almost everyday! I also draw comics since I was around 14, but with the only difference between then and now being that I moved from physical drawings to full digital (on my Ipad). Besides from those things, I love playing (advanced) board & roleplaying games, such as Terraforming marce, d&d etc. Lastly, there are two things that have my outspoken love: tea & neck ties.

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